PPC Management Agency London

Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) advertising is a critical component of every successful online marketing strategy. PPC helps you to quickly get your website in front of people. It may be effortlessly combined with any other digital marketing solution to increase website traffic – for example, adding SEO can give significant benefits to your digital marketing plan. Given Google’s blurring of the borders between organic and sponsored search, it’s more crucial than ever to create and optimise your PPC strategy to provide your company a competitive advantage.

Why settle for second-rate PPC results when The Brains can maximise your paid advertising ROI? With data-driven paid search advertising, our pay-per-click professionals have helped hundreds of companies produce more revenue and leads.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We understand that there are several PPC management agencies in London to select from; here are some of the reasons why our clients adore us:

Proactive PPC Company

We take the lead from early investigation through full reporting, maintaining frequent touch throughout the process.

Our success is dependent on your success.

We operate as an extension of your team, prioritising your needs and always scouting for and capitalising on new chances that will benefit your company.

Our in-house creative team maximises PPC advertising potential by creating scroll-stopping content ranging from photos to video.

How to Obtain Results

To do this, we employ the previously described proactive method!

The Good Marketer takes an honest and targeted approach to PPC management. We understand you have a company to run. But when you invest with us, we’re more than pleased to inform you where your profits are coming from and where your money is going.

With insightful analytics and out-of-the-box thinking (backed up by data), we can expand your paid marketing efforts and successfully manage budgets to help your company succeed online.

Google AdWords

Google Ads displays your company’s advertisement at the top of Google search engine results pages. But there’s more to it than merely launching a campaign.

We examine your target market and your present performance (if you have any) to guarantee that we appeal to your clients by employing keywords, phrasing, and visuals that they will respond to.


PPC Advertising agency London constantly optimise your campaign and strive for an ideal quality score to maintain conversions high while keeping expenses low. In order to do this, we create conversion rate optimised landing pages or product pages that are relevant to your adverts and keep consumers on track to perform the required action. Our PPC agency team will do frequent optimizations, test new advertisements, compare performance, and roll out the best for company, constantly utilising knowledge and industry tools to fuel your next move.

When Google Shopping first became available, it was an astounding revelation. It is now a must for eCommerce advertising.

Google Shopping likewise ranks high in search engine results, but it also allows you to display a high-quality product image to appeal to a wider audience. This ad style uses the same PPC management system as Google Search advertisements and can provide qualified audiences that are ready to buy immediately.

We’ll develop shopping advertisements that fit the demands of that ‘on-demand’ search intent, as well as landing pages with the same degree of focus by providing the user with all they need to know to ‘check out’ without any more queries. Users do leave the site or click away before reaching the finish line; this is natural consumer behaviour. The analytical approach of the Good Marketer implies that we’ll attempt to figure out why, analysing interactions and movement to smooth out any bumps in the road and maintain an amazing ROAS.

Another rich source of possibility for your company is social media advertising. These unique ad forms may evoke emotion, recall, motivate, and encourage an audience to take action.

Different channels have their own distinct yet well-defined demographics, and we can assist you in identifying yours.

Social media advertisements might be the next step in your journey or the first point of contact. We are a PPC agency in London that also specialises in creating brands on these platforms and using the information they provide to your benefit.

Social media is flooded with corporations vying for the attention of customers. Our unconventional techniques and flexible, creative approach to copywriting, on the other hand, ensure that your commercials touch home and connect with appropriate people. To successfully appeal to them, we adjust content, visuals, and ad formats to audience groups depending on their interaction levels with your business.

Our PPC agency’s analysts employ industry technologies to identify user behaviour. To address pain areas, we may use audience data and social media. We give answers to client resistance through your channels and new content, eventually increasing conversions.

PPC Agency London is a fast-growing, award-winning PPC and sponsored search advertising business. We employ our Brainy combination of data analytics, audience insights, and creative planning to your paid search advertising campaigns, substantially raising ROAS (return on advertising spend).