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SEO-friendly websites developed from the ground up

If your website isn’t receiving the organic traffic, it deserves and your competitors are ranking higher in search engine results pages than you, your SEO approach may need to be tweaked. Our in-house SEO consultants can assist your website climb the ranks and improve organic traffic.

PPC landing pages tailored to increase conversions and campaign effectiveness

Our website optimization specialists create high-performance PPC landing pages that improve campaign performance and ROI. We understand how to design the ideal PPC landing page to maximise income and assure the success of your PPC campaigns.

What Can We Do For You?

The appearance of your website to a potential consumer is only one aspect of website development and design. It is all about establishing trust and boosting conversions or goal completions, whatever they may be for your business.

We are a full-service marketing and web development company. We provide guidance for your website, build the platform, and deliver results.

Improve Your Website’s Appearance and Performance

At Bedfordshire SEO Agency, we understand that developing a small company website may be a difficult and time-consuming task. We take pleasure in our transparency and flexibility, which allows us to examine your platform and prioritise the work that needs to be done, focusing on the modifications that will have the most impact on ROI and outcomes first.

From site performance optimization to navigation updates, custom forms and functions, website restructuring, new pages, categories, or whole platform developments, our web development agency believes in tailored solutions for long-term company success and marketing success.

  • Website design that is responsive

  • Forms and tools that are unique

  • Version updates and migrations Booking, calendar, and software integration

  • Optimization of site speed

  • Rebuilding whole websites

  • Development of Shopify

  • Shopify is popular among small eCommerce businesses owing to its ease of integration and low cost.

We get it since we are an eCommerce agency. This means that we can take your concept for your Shopify website and make it a reality, breaking away from predefined templates.

However, we mix our marketing experience into all of our website development work, developing websites that speed sales, increase traffic, keep up with your growth, and offer genuine ROI.

WordPress Creation

WordPress is the most widely used CMS software. It’s our preferred platform for starting a website created to make running and maintaining your business even easier. This allows you to take control of your platform once the initial work is over, save maintenance expenses in comparison to competing CMS systems, and simplify performance or future expansions.

Affordability – This is, of course, a relative term. Again, we vary from other web development firms in Bedfordshire. We’ve designed our own packages to allow you to choose the budget that works best for you. And no matter what your budget is, we have the know-how to make it work for you. Because we understand that effective marketing does not have to be expensive!

We understand that web development, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, may be a daunting task. We will approach your makeover with your brand in mind, fresh ideas, and our experience. The Bedfordshire SEO Agency guarantees prioritised and realistic growth strategy for your brand. Of course, “best practises” and consumer expectations are continuously changing. Our web development company assists you in future-proofing your platform and thriving in the face of change.

E-commerce refers to websites that include built-in storefronts.

When you wanted to buy a thing in the past, you had to physically go to the store and buy it, but in the present day, our shopping habits have shifted to an online platform, with online retail becoming a multi-billion-pound business.

Almost every business, from major multinationals to small boutique shops, has an internet store.

Bedfordshire Digital has unfathomable expertise in this field, and we can help you hit the ground running when it comes to getting your business up and operating.

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